We are constantly looking for sustainable packaging products that are strong enough to endure the complexity of our harvesting and cooling processes. We do our best to utilize such products as they become available.


Our ties are intended to provide identification for food safety, product traceability and contain the UPC code for quick and easy supermarket checkouts. They are water-resistant and the wire is encased in plastic to prevent rusting. The wire is made of 90% post-consumer waste but cannot be recycled. The film itself can be recycled #5 if removed from the wire. We are constantly working with suppliers to find the most recyclable and compostable packaging materials on the market.

30 Ways to Reuse a Bib Tie


  1. Organize your electrical cords
  2. Reseal bread bag
  3. Hang Christmas ornaments
  4. Tie your orchids
  5. Lock your suitcase zippers together
  6. Keep your bird cage closed
  7. Secure a dog kennel
  8. Clean out your razor blades wit the wire
  9. Bind binder paper together
  10. Tie up plant stems
  11. Organize washers
  12. Organize hose fittings
  13. Temporarily fix broken jewelry
  14. Templorarily fix broken pet collars
  15. Use in place of a broken zipper


  1. Wrap silverware and napkin


  1. Hair tie
  2. Tie Your Bra Straps Together for razer back tanks and ball gowns
  3. Use to keep your shoes on instead of shoelaces
  4. Make a ring
  5. Resize a ring
  6. Fix a broken bracelet, necklace or earring


  1. Hang a picture


  1. Make plastic spoon crocuses
  2. Make a flower
  3. Make a stick figure
  4. Rewrap the ties with decorative paper
  5. Spruce up a t-shirt
  6. Hang an ornament
  7. Make a decorative pom pom

Do keep in mind that twist ties have a metal center. So be sure to avoid sticking twist ties in power outlets and to unplug or turn off electric appliances if you are going to use a twist tie on them.



We work with a box supplier who is a Food Safe Facility with a commitment to use raw materials that are renewable, recyclable, and, when available, biodegradable. We’re proud to say they are a Zero Discharge Facility who applies all principles of reduction, reuse and recycle in all processes.